Pre-Order Policy

By placing a pre-order with Toro Toys and Collectibles, customers will have first priority from our shipments and lock in that rate. Barring any manufacturing shortages/mishaps/random circumstances, customers are essentially guaranteed the item that they pre-ordered. Pre-orders will be shipped 1-3 business day after we receive the stock. 

Below is some useful information about our pre-order policy:



- All pre-orders will be charged immediately at the time of purchase, not shipment. This locks you in and gives you top priority over everyone else.


-High demand and unique designs often sell-out quickly and with several manufacturing delays it is uncertain when these products will restock in the future. For this reason we place certain purchase limits on our pre-orders in order to give collectors a chance to purchase products. By pre-ordering with us, customers are ensuring that they will get one of the products. 


-Pre-order dates are provided to us by our suppliers. We are usually given a particular release month that the item is expected to be sent to us. We always put the end of that particular month as our date estimate to play it safe. Most of the times your item will arrive earlier and thus be shipped out earlier to you!

-Delays happens due to manufacturing, licensing, issues, and all sorts of other reasons. Please see the paragraph below about our policy on delays.


- If a product is postponed by more than 6 weeks from the release date that we listed on the product page, customers have the option of canceling and getting a full refund or they can continue with their pre-order. We will communicate with customers via email if any delays happen. 


- If an order contains an in-stock product and a pre-order product, we will go ahead and ship the in-stock product first and the pre-order product whenever we receive the stock. We do not hold orders unless by customer request.


- We are also collectors and we take great pride in providing the best conditioned products that we can. Pre-orders do not fall under our Mint Guarantee Policy that some of our in-stock products fall under. This is because pre-order inventory is usually placed months in advance and we have no way of reviewing the products. 

-After we review the pre-order stock, we pick out the best conditioned products for our pre-order customers. If for some reason, we feel that the products do not meet our condition standards, we will offer the buyer a full refund or the option for us to contact our supplier for a replacement. Customers will be notified via email. 

Note: By placing a pre-order with Toro Toys and Collectibles, you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions stated in the above policies.

For all other questions or inquiries, please contact us at