Rock Lee Toro Signature Series - Brian Donovan

Rock Lee Toro Signature Series - Brian Donovan

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Limit of one pop per order. 

 This is a signature service. You are either purchasing a Rock Lee funko pop from us to get signed by Brian Donovan or you are sending us a funko pop for him to sign. Since this is a signature service with certification, it can take up to 45-60 days for this to be fulfilled. Delays due to covid may also occur which in turn may cause a delay in fulfilment. By purchasing this service you are agreeing to that.

All autographs will include a custom quote of up to 7 words PLUS the signature. If you just want the signature and no custom quote, that is fine. Please make sure to put "just signature" in the comments section at check out. 

Color choices are: Red, Orange, Blue or Green sharpie marker. Only one color per order. Please indicate which color you would like in the comments of the checkout screen. 

Please note that your funko pop will travel a lot throughout this process. This pop will go through a few hands before it gets back to you. We cannot guarantee that the funko pop will be mint condition. If this bothers you, this may not be the product and service for you. By purchasing this, you agree to this. 

For people Sending their funko pop in (Send In Service):

  • All customers are responsible for shipping their funko pop box to us before the due date of 11/25/2020. 
  • Message me on Instagram @Toro.Toys or email me: to get our mailing address. 
  • Please only send us the empty funko pop box. Please remove the pop figure and plastic insert.
  • With everything going on with the postal service, we recommend to send it to us through priority mail since it will provide you with insurance just in case anything gets lost. 
  • Please provide the following in your package when sending in your funko pop box: Name, instagram username, quote, color and order number.

Your signed funko pop will be mailed to the address that you use at check out (please contact me with your order number if you want me to send it to another address)

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